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Great Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Cat

June 15 2016
June is officially Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! Helping kitties in shelter is definitely a cause we can wholeheartedly support. Actually, adopting from a shelter is one of the best things you can do for animal welfare. There are some great advantages for you as well! In this article, a local Oshawa, ON vet lists some reasons to consider getting your new kitty from a shelter.

Save A Life

When you adopt from a shelter, you’re giving a homeless kitty a new lease on life, and a chance to find a loving forever home. Rescuing one cat won’t change the whole world, but it will definitely change that one cat’s world. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you’ve helped an animal in need!

Find A Friend

There are far too many sweet, lovable kitties in shelters, hoping for someone to love them and give them a forever home. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, playful kitty; a laid-back ball of fluff; a frisky kitten; or a distinguished older cat, you’ll like find your new feline friend waiting for you at a local shelter. You’ll also have a chance to spend some quiet time with Fluffy before you adopt her. This helps ensure you’re making the right choice.

Save Money

Adopting from a shelter is often significantly cheaper than going through a pet store. You may also save some money on veterinary services, as most shelters do include basic vaccines and spay/neuter surgery in their adoption fees.

Help Animals

When you adopt from a shelter, you’re not just helping the one special kitty you adopt: you’re also helping other pets. Another homeless furball will soon take up residence in the space your new pet leaves open. Plus, the money you spend will go to a great cause, as it will help the shelter care for their furry wards.

Make A Friend

Cats may have a reputation for being aloof, but many of our feline friends are very affectionate. Kitties seem to know when they’ve been rescued. Don’t be surprised if your new furball repays your kindness with purrs, cuddles, and kitty kisses, all of which are truly precious gifts in our book! Do you have questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Oshawa, ON animal hospital, anytime! We are happy to serve all your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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