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Exercising Your Dog

July 15 2017
Does your canine buddy jump for joy when you get his leash? Or does Fido just yawn and slowly trudge towards the door? While some of our furry friends are very active, others are, well, a bit lazy. However, no matter what kind of dog you have, it’s important to make sure your pup is getting the right type and amount of exercise. Read on as a Bowmanville, ON vet discusses Fido’s fitness regime.

Health and Safety

Not all types of exercise are suitable for every dog, so do some research, and ask your vet for specific advice. If you have a small dog, your pooch’s ideal workout will look very different from that of a German Shepherd! Fido’s breed and age will also play important roles in determining what sort of exercises are and are not suitable for him. For instance, brachys—which are those dogs with the super-cute pushed in faces, like pugs—tend to get winded easily, so they shouldn’t be encouraged to run or swim.

Athletic Dogs

If you have a bouncing ball of fur on your hands, your pooch may make a great workout partner. Some dogs really enjoy running, climbing, and swimming. Playing games like fetch or Frisbee are also great ways to keep a playful pup in shape. Just be sure to build your four-legged buddy’s endurance up slowly, over the course of several weeks. It’s also important to watch your dog carefully, to be sure he doesn’t get too tired. If you know or suspect that Fido is overheating or getting worn out, let him rest, and give him plenty of water.


It’s a lot more fun walking Fido in summertime than in the cold weather! However, no matter what time of year it is, your pup still needs regular activity to stay healthy. There are actually lots of things you can do to keep your dog moving indoors. Trick your furry friend into doing stair runs by calling him to you while you are at the top of the stairs. Or, try holding a laser pointer for him to chase. You can even play fetch indoors, though you of course want to pick a spot that doesn’t have a lot of breakable objects. Please contact us, your Bowmanville, ON animal clinic, with any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care. We are here to help!

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