DIY Bird Toys

Do you have a bird? Polly is a very cute and charming animal companion, and can really keep you smiling with her adorable antics. One thing that is very important to your lovable little pet’s health and well-being is making sure that she has plenty of toys. This doesn’t have to cost you a lot, however. A Bowmanville, ON vet lists some great DIY bird toys in this article.

Phone Book

Are you still getting phone books? Punch holes in one of the corners, and hang it up in Polly’s cage. Voila! Instant entertainment.

Egg Carton

Get a cardboard egg carton, and cut out the pockets. Fill them will yummy treats or small toys, and then glue them together.

Rice Cakes

Hang some rice cakes in your feathered friend’s cage with a piece of twine. Just check the label to be sure the ingredients are all bird-safe.

Basket of Fun

Get a wicker basket with handles. Make sure there are no sharp pieces poking out. Fill the basket with a variety of smaller toys, such as poker chips, wooden thread spools, and plastic bottlecaps.

Straw Flower

Tie several drinking straws together around the middle. Tie the knot tightly enough so that the straw ends fan out a little.

Calculator Paper

A spool of adding machine paper can be great fun for your winged friend. Use cable ties to attach one to your feathered pal’s cage.

Hanging Toy

Save plastic bottlecaps for your colorful pet. When you have quite a few, drill some holes through their centers. Then, use twine to create fun hanging toys. You can also use plastic shower curtain rings as the basis for a hanging toy. Incorporate things like playing cards, popsicle sticks, waxed paper cups, and small cardboard boxes.

Soda Bottle

It doesn’t get any easier than this! Fill a plastic soda bottle with small treats. Then, take the cap off and give it to your winged pal.


Make sure to only give your feathered buddy safe, suitable toys. Never give Polly any small or sharp objects. Anything covered in varnish, glitter, or paint is also unsafe. You’ll also want to be careful with rope and twine, as birds can get tangled up easily. Ask your vet for more information.

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