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Holiday Gifts for Pocket Pets

December 15 2020
With the holiday season upon us, many people are looking for gifts for their friends and family members. Pets count as both, as far as we’re concerned. Of course, it’s easy to find things for dogs and cats. But what about littler pets? An Oshawa, ON vet offers some suggestions in this article.


Treats are a big hit with all of our patients, and they do make a great holiday gift. Just stick to foods you know are safe. All of our animal companions have their own specific dietary needs. That said, it’s definitely worth noting that some things that are dangerous for most if not all of our animal companions. That list includes chocolate, caffeine, meat on the bone, raw dough or yeast, garlic and onions, avocado, xylitol, junk food, and mushrooms. If you aren’t sure what is and isn’t okay for your little buddy, ask your vet for recommendations.

Chew Toys

Most smaller pets, like hamsters, gerbils, bunnies, and Guinea pigs, have open-rooted teeth. This means they need to chew constantly to keep those tiny choppers from overgrowing. You can make a lot of great chew toys out of things you likely already have around the house. For instance, the cardboard rolls from toilet paper tubes can be cut into rings and reassembled as balls, stuffed with herbs, stacked as pyramids, folded into envelopes, or just given as-is. You’ll find more great options online. Avoid anything made from pine or cedar; anything that was painted or stained; and items with small parts, dangling threads, or sharp edges.


Many of our smaller patients love exploring mazes and tunnels. You can find some really cute ones in stores. You can also make your own out of cardboard boxes, PVC pipe, or cardboard. Paper mache will also work, as long as you use a simple flour-and-water paste and paper printed with non-toxic ink. Just make sure that it’s big enough so that your pet can’t get stuck.

Bigger Cage

These tiny furballs usually spend a lot of time in their cages. This is a great chance to give your little buddy some extra living space. You can also spruce up your furry pal’s home by giving them a new hide box. Happy Holidays from Clarington Animal Hospital, your Oshawa, ON animal clinic. Please contact us with any questions or concerns about pocket pet care.

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