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Fall Walks With Fido

October 1 2022
Walk Your Dog Week starts tomorrow! October is a wonderful time for getting outside with your canine companions. Fido will definitely enjoy getting in some last minute play sessions and dog park trips before the snow flies. In this article, an Oshawa, ON vet offers some advice on walking your four-legged friend in fall.


As you may have noticed, the weather tends to yo-yo a lot at this time of year. Wear layers, so you can adjust as needed. If you’re going to be in a rural area, pay attention to hunting season, and get your pooch a bright bandana or vest to wear. Choose sneakers or boots with good tread, especially if you’re going to be hiking. It starts getting dark early at this time of year, so you may need reflective jackets or gear for both you and your pup.


You’ll also want to grab some basic necessities, such as waste baggies, water, a first-aid kit, personal safety gear, and a cell phone charger. Get a dedicated bag or jacket for these things, so you can have everything ready to go in one place.


Many seasonal plants and flowers are toxic to dogs. These include things like mushrooms, chrysanthemums, and autumn crocuses. (Tip: check the ASPCA site here for more information.) Molds and funguses can also be a danger. Fido could also pick up chemicals, such as fertilizer, rodenticide, or antifreeze. Don’t let your pup eat things from the ground, and keep him out of recently-treated areas.


Traffic increases in fall, with school and after-school activities keeping people on the road long after rush hour. If you’re going down the side of a road, walk with Fido on the outside, as he’s harder for drivers to spot. Don’t let your furry pal cross intersections or driveways ahead of you.


As the weather cools, many wild animals will be seeking out spots to hibernate. They could be more aggressive than usual. Take care with where you walk Fido! Watch your step, and don’t let your furry friend sniff around spots that could be housing wildlife.

Savor It

Before long, that winter weather will be keeping many of us—and our canine pals—cooped up inside. Enjoy this beautiful time of year with your pooch! Is your canine buddy due for an exam? Contact us, your local Oshawa, ON animal clinic, today!

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