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Holidays With Angry Cats

December 15 2022
Happy Holidays! Of course, not all of our patients enjoy the holidays as much as we do. Our feline pals all have their own purrsonalites. Some are loving and cuddly. Others? Not so much. A local Oshawa, ON vet offers some advice on spending the holiday season with a cranky cat in this article.

Territorial Kitties

Kitties can get very upset about changes to their environments … or, as far as they are concerned, their kingdoms. Fluffy may retreat if you have guests, or she may think that your mechanical singing Santa is a serious threat. Cats also get upset over guests and commotion. Give your feline Scrooge a quiet spot to retreat to if you’re having company. Offer Fluffy a new toy, and perhaps some catnip.


We can’t really make a holiday cat post without mentioning Fluffy’s penchant for, well, destroying trees. Put most of the decorations, including anything small or sharp and most of the lights and tinsel, on the top part of the tree. It’s also best to put the tree in a spot that isn’t too close to a convenient kitty launchpad, like a couch or chair.


A good workout can help Fluffy blow off steam. (Think of this as the kitty version of going for a run or hitting a punching bag.) Take time to play with your furry grouch daily. Use toys you control from a distance, so you can stay out of range of those sharp little claws.


If your feline pal has a temper, this is also something to keep in mind as you pick out gifts for your pet. Fluffy may feel safer in a cat condo, or perhaps on top of a tower. Or, she may want things to take her kitty angst out on, such as toys she can bat at.


While some cats are naturally grumpy, others only act that way because of certain conditions or stimuli. Your furball may also be jealous of another pet, or perhaps competing for resources. Kitties can also act up if they aren’t feeling well. If Fluffy hasn’t been to the vet for a while, have her examined. This is especially important if your pet has only recently become a grinch. All of us here at Clarington, your Oshawa, ON animal clinic, wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season. Contact us anytime!

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