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Caring for Your Dog’s Paws

March 1 2016
Does your dog know how to Shake or Gimme Paw? Man’s Best Friend can learn some really cute tricks with his paws! Actually, those furry feet are crucial to your canine pal’s health and well-being. Fido’s paws make it possible for him to run after his favorite toy, hop up onto the sofa, and, of course, do that cute little happy dance he greets you with when you come home. Keeping your pup’s paws in good shape is very important! Read on for some great doggy paw care tips from an Oshawa, ON veterinarian.


Make sure to trim your furry friend’s claws regularly, so they don’t get too long. If Fido’s nails are overgrown, they can make it uncomfortable, and even painful, for him to walk. Long nails can also affect your pet’s stride, and make it harder for him to gain traction when he needs it. They can even contribute to painful bone/joint issues, such as arthritis. If you’re uneasy about giving your four-legged buddy a peticure, consider getting clippers with sensors, which will show you exactly where to cut. Or, just call us to set up a quick nail trim appointment.

Seasonal Care

The changing seasons all bring some specific hazards for your pet’s feet. In summer, Fido can easily burn his delicate paw pads by walking on hot tar or sand, especially right after going swimming. In winter, snow, ice, salt, sand, and chemical de-icing agents can all damage your dog’s paws. Use a pet-friendly de-icing agent. Even spring and fall can be problematic, as our canine pals can pick up pollen, dust, and pesticides just by walking through grass. We recommend wiping those furry feet with a damp cloth every day, and using paw wax or balm to protect your pet’s paw pads.

Foot Inspection

Fido can get pebbles or other foreign objects lodged between his toes while he’s patrolling the yard or taking a walk. Check your pup’s feet regularly, and make sure that your pooch doesn’t have anything stuck in his paw fur. You’ll also want to watch for signs of swelling or injuries. Contact your vet if you notice anything amiss. You definitely don’t want to take any chances with paw infections! Does your dog need vaccines or an examination? We can help! Contact us, your Oshawa, ON animal clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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