Dr. Bill Mingram

President, Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Bill Mingram has wanted to work with animals ever since his earliest days of grade school. As he got older, his interests in medicine and science started to blossom. When it came time to consider a career path, one choice was quite obvious—the world of veterinary medicine was the perfect way for Dr. Mingram to satisfy his medical fascination while bettering the lives of pets!

Dr. Mingram grew up in Scarborough and worked part-time in various veterinary clinics before attending the University of Guelph to study animal medicine. He graduated from the school’s veterinary program in 1992 and began working in animal clinics around the area. By 1997, Dr. Mingram had developed a strong desire to start his own practice; he opened the doors of Clarington Animal Hospital to the public that year in order to deliver his own brand of exceptional veterinary care to the community.

Medically, Dr. Mingram enjoys internal medicine cases, client education, and exotic animal care (which he suspects stems from his childhood fascination with wildlife!). Most of all, he likes forming close relationships with the area’s pet owners and their beloved animal companions.

Dr. Mingram and his wife have a wonderful son and daughter, and share their home with a rescued dog named Gibson who likes to think he runs the house. When he has time between work and family life, Dr. Mingram enjoys reading science fiction, fishing, barbequing, and playing the guitar and ukulele. He was fortunate enough to meet guitar maestro Steve Vai, and even had the opportunity to discuss guitar playing with him one-on-one before a concert!

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Photo of Dr. Bill  Mingram

Dr. Jackie Bosak

Associate Veterinarian

When she was a young child, Dr. Jackie Bosak and her family adopted a shaggy, skinny cat from their local shelter. Although the poor creature was suffering from a urinary obstruction and a serious flea infestation, he was nursed back to health and lived for the next 18 years! This sparked something in Dr. Bosak—she knew that a career in the world of animal care was the perfect choice for her.

Dr. Bosak is from Pickering, Ontario, where her veterinary career began during her high-school career placement at a local pet hospital. She then attended the University of Guelph to receive her degree in animal biology before graduating with honours from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2003.

Dr. Bosak became a part of the Clarington Animal Hospital family in November of 2006, and has a special passion for fine-tuning her surgical skills. She also is partial to puppy and kitten appointments—for Dr. Bosak, it’s especially rewarding to educate their owners and watch the youngsters grow up over the years.

Dr. Bosak, her husband Derrick, and their daughter Jordan live in Oshawa with two wonderful pets: Clara is an outgoing Boston terrier, and Henry the cat constantly entertains the family with his quirky personality.

When she’s not at work or enjoying the company of her own pets, Dr. Bosak enjoys spending time with her family. She also enjoys traveling with her family; they’ve seen many spots in the Caribbean and Alaska, and Dr. Bosak hopes to visit Bora Bora in the future!

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Photo of Dr. Jackie  Bosak

Dr. Carol Cameron

Associate Veterinarian

Both of Dr. Carol Cameron’s parents, as well as her grandparents, cared for animals on their family farms. Dr. Cameron has been enjoying the company of the earth’s creatures ever since she was a little girl! Coupled with her passions for science and mathematics, her love of animals made one thing quite obvious: veterinary medicine was simply the perfect career choice.

Dr. Cameron grew up in Port Elgin, Ontario, where she began her veterinary journey as a kennel worker at the local animal clinic. She then headed to the University of Guelph, working for several months at an Alma, Ontario dairy farm to gain experience in large-animal medicine, and graduated with her veterinary degree in 1990. Next, Dr. Cameron moved to Cobourg and worked in a mixed-animal practice for the next seven years before signing on at an emergency facility in Whitby. She would serve the area’s pets there for the next 19 years!

Dr. Cameron first started working here at Clarington Animal Hospital on a locum basis in July of 2011, when Dr. Bosak took maternity leave. She has filled in periodically since then, and was thrilled to join the clinic family full-time in May of 2016. Dr. Cameron has special interests in internal medicine, surgical procedures, and emergency care, and also enjoys being able to learn something new almost every day.

At home, Dr. Cameron and her husband, Stephen, live with two mixed-breed dogs named Yoyo and Neshkee. Neshkee is a St. John Ambulance therapy dog, and visits a local retirement residence with Stephen on a weekly basis.

Outside of work, Dr. Cameron enjoys reading fiction, sailing on Lake Ontario, and swimming. She’s a member of the Masters Swim Club in Cobourg, and has been a participant in the Million Meter Challenge since 2007. She hopes to reach the three-million-meter mark in the very near future!

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Photo of Dr. Carol  Cameron

Dr. Karen Jung

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Karen’s family pets were her best friends during her childhood years growing up in Ottawa. She never forgot the unbridled joy that animals offered her—Dr. Karen knew that she wanted to give something back. Working as a veterinarian allows her to serve as a voice for pets while ultimately bettering the lives of animal owners just like herself!

Dr. Karen’s journey began during high school, when she completed a cooperative career placement at a small animal hospital in her hometown. The placement quickly turned into an after-school job! Next, Dr. Karen headed to the University of Guelph to earn her undergraduate degree in wildlife biology, working at various small-animal practices and a wildlife rehabilitation facility during her studies. She even volunteered with a veterinarian in South Africa for a month, an experience that encouraged her to study veterinary medicine abroad. Dr. Karen obtained her veterinary degree from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and continued gaining hands-on experience at a small-animal and exotic care facility in Brantford, Ontario during her summers away from school.

After completing an externship at the Toronto Zoo, Dr. Karen began her professional career at a Hamilton, Ontario clinic before signing on at an animal hospital in Port Perry. In the fall of 2016, she joined the team here at Clarington Animal Hospital as an Associate Veterinarian, and couldn’t be more excited to serve the pets and animal owners of the area. Dr. Karen has a particular passion for internal medicine, but her favourite part of her job is getting to witness the bonds between owners and pets firsthand.

In her time away from work, Dr. Karen enjoys baking, running (she’s completed five full marathons!), craft-making, traveling, and spending time at home with her family. She and her husband, Chris, share their lives with four pets: Mazzy, Daisy, and Aussie are all loveable pugs, and Winston the cat is the most laid-back pet Dr. Karen has ever known.

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Photo of Dr. Karen  Jung