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Keeping Your Cat Indoors

June 1 2017
Do you let your kitty wander freely? If so, you may seriously want to consider curbing your furball’s activities. Fluffy will be much safer and healthier as an indoor cat! Read on as an Oshawa, ON vet discusses keeping your adventurous feline indoors.

Outdoor Hazards

As soon as Fluffy sets those cute little paws outside, she is exposed to several serious hazards. Cars, predators, weather, chemicals, and even other cats can all pose a severe threat to kitties! Cats that go outdoors are also much more likely to contract parasites or viruses than indoor furballs. Outdoor kitties also have much higher risks of getting lost, hurt, or even killed. Better safe than sorry!

Keeping Kitty Content

If you tell your furball about the dangers she faces outdoors, she’ll probably just blink, stare at you, and then immediately meow to be let out. Therefore, you may need to use a bit of subterfuge. First, make your home as comfortable and appealing for Fluffy as you can. Fortunately, this isn’t very difficult. Turning your home into a luxury palace for your pet really just entails setting out lots of comfy beds, and giving your feline pal some cat furniture and plenty of playthings. A window seat is also a good idea: your kitty will probably spend hours watching birds and other local wildlife. Setting out a few pet-safe plants will give your furry buddy a taste of the outdoors, which can also keep her purring. (Tip: check the ASPCA site for a list of suitable plants.) If you have a sunroom or patio, consider turning it into a catio. This will let your cat have the best of both worlds.

Stopping Breakouts

Cats love outdoor activities, like rolling around in the grass and refusing to come when you call them. It may take time to convince your kitty that the indoor life is also great. To do this, you’ll want to start by changing your furball’s mind about the benefits of going outside. Whenever your kitty meows or scratches at the door, make a loud noise or squirt her with water. These things won’t hurt Fluffy, but they will startle her, and may make her leery of venturing too close to the door. Please feel free to contact us, your local Oshawa, ON animal clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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