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6 Ways to Prevent Doggy Boredom

September 15 2017
Did you know that dogs can get bored? Fido is both curious and intelligent, and can quickly get restless and uneasy with nothing to do. Making sure your pup is getting enough entertainment and stimulation is very important! In this article, an Oshawa, ON vet offers tips on keeping your furry friend entertained.


Make sure that Fido has lots of fun playthings to toss around. Puzzle toys, and toys that incorporate treats, such as Kong toys, are particularly great, as they can keep your cute pet entertained for hours! Be sure to change your canine companion’s playthings out regularly, to keep things fresh and interesting.


Education provides dogs with beneficial mental stimulation, which is wonderful for your four-legged friend’s mind. Before teaching your pup cute or helpful tricks, make sure he has the five basic commands, which are Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down, down pat. Once Fido has mastered these, you can move on to advanced training. Teach your furry pal to pick up his toys, fetch specific items, or even turn lights off and on. You can also show your pooch some adorable classic tricks, like Shake or Roll Over, or work on clicker training.


Leave a radio on for Fido when he’s home alone. The sound of voices will help soothe him, and keep him from feeling lonely.

Window View

Just like cats, dogs often love watching birds and squirrels. Give Fido a comfy window seat, so he can spy on local wildlife and make nose art on your windows. (Tip: use vinegar and newspaper to get your pet’s masterpieces off the glass.)


As far as Fido is concerned, the best dog toy around is you! Take time to play with your dog every day. Fetch is great, but you can also revise classic kids’ games, like Tag or Red Light Green Light, and play them with your canine pal.


Even if Fido has a yard to run and play in, he’ll still enjoy regular walks. Daily strolls provide your pooch with exercise, offer him mental stimulation, and give him a change of scenery. You can also take your furry buddy on fun excursions to doggy parks or pet cafes. Do you have questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care? Contact us! As your local Oshawa, ON animal clinic, we are here to help!

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