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Cat Care Tips for Apartment Dwellers

November 15 2017
Do you live in an apartment? One great thing about having a cat is that it’s not difficult to find places that allow kitties. Fluffy can do just fine in smaller spaces, as long as her basic needs are seen to. But what does it take to keep a feline happy in an apartment? An Oshawa, ON vet offers some advice below.

Vertical Space

Offer your feline buddy some vertical space. Cat towers are great for this, as Fluffy will also gain a jungle gym, scratching post, and yet another napping spot. You can also get your furball some wall-mounted furniture, such as kitty shelves or catwalks.

Kitty-Friendly Window Treatments

Fluffy has definitely destroyed some window blinds in her day. You can’t really blame her: looking out the window is a great source of entertainment for cats! Keep your blinds rolled up, and get window treatments your furball won’t destroy, such as curtains. Keep the cords out of paws’ reach, so your kitty doesn’t get tangled up in them.


Litterboxes and apartments aren’t always a good mix. To make Fluffy’s powder room a little less obvious, try hiding it behind a folding screen. You can also upcycle an old end table, coffee table, or dry sink into a litterbox holder, or get a custom piece. Look online for more ideas.

Toys & Playtime

While Fluffy will spend plenty of time napping, she’ll still need something to do when she’s awake. Make sure your kitty has plenty of toys, and play with her every day. This will benefit her both mentally and physically.

Kitty Comforts

Always keep Fluffy’s comfort in mind. If you’ll be out after dark, turn a light on for her. Also, leave a radio or TV on when you leave your cat alone. The sounds of voices and music will soothe your kitty, and help keep her from feeling lonely. Another thing you can do is to set out some pet-safe plants for Fluffy to nibble on and hide behind, so she gets a little taste of nature. Check the ASPCA website for recommendations. We also recommend doing some kittyproofing. Make sure your windows and screens close securely, and remove or secure anything potentially dangerous. Ask your vet for more information. Please contact us, your Oshawa, ON pet hospital, for all your cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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