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Fido’s Fitness Routine

April 1 2018
Did you know that April is Canine Fitness Month? Whether you have a bouncy, playful pet, or a furry couch potato, it’s important to keep your pup active. Read on as an Oshawa, ON vet offers some tips on keeping Fido fit.

Doggy Workout Regimes

While all dogs need some form of exercise, the recommended types and amounts of activity vary widely from pooch to pooch. Your pet’s age, size, breed, health, and personality will all play roles in determining his ideal workout. A Chihuahua may get plenty of exercise in just running around the house, while a Greyhound may need a few vigorous walks a day. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Not every type of exercise will be suitable for your pet. Brachycephalic dogs—which are those pooches with the cute, scrunched-up faces, like pugs—get winded very easily. Swimming and running are definitely not good options for them. Many larger breeds, such as German Shepherds, can be prone to hip dysplasia, and can put too much stress on their bones and joints by jumping or standing too much. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Hyper Pooches

Do you have a furry bundle of zoom on your hands? If you can’t keep up with Fido, keep him active by playing Fetch. If your pup just tends to run after things without bringing them back, try using a laser pointer, so he can chase that little red dot. Automated ball launchers are another good option. (Note: because ball launchers use tennis balls, which can be a choking hazard for bigger dogs, we don’t recommend them for large breeds.)

Indoor Workouts

When it’s too cold to spend time outside, keep Fido moving by playing with him indoors. Go to the top of the stairs, holding your pet’s favorite toy, and call him to you. When your canine buddy reaches you, toss the toy down the stairs for him to retrieve. A few rounds of this will really get your pup’s blood pumping! Some dogs even enjoy walking or jogging on treadmills. Just keep your furry friend’s safety in mind. Start your pooch out on the slowest setting, and always remove his collar or harness before putting him on the treadmill. Also, never leave your dog alone on the treadmill. Do you have questions about your dog’s workout regime? Call us, your Oshawa, ON pet hospital, today!

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