Bonding With a Pet Bird

Have you recently adopted a bird? Our feathered friends make wonderful pets. They can also get very attached to their owners! However, those special bonds don’t form overnight. Polly can be quite timid, and it may take her some time to get used to you. Read on for some tips from a Oshawa, ON vet on bonding with your new bird.

Let Polly Adjust

Your winged buddy will need a roomy, comfortable cage, complete with toys and perches. Ask your vet for tips on buying and setting up the birdcage. When you get Polly home, leave her in her cage for a few days to let her adjust.

Talk To Your Pet

Talk to your winged pal as much as you can. Use a quiet, gentle tone of voice. Avoid shouting or making loud noises around her.

Handle With Care

Avoid picking Polly up, especially at first. When she is settled in, you can offer her your finger to see if she’ll jump onto it. Never grab your bird. Don’t pick her up from behind or when she’s sleeping, either: this may frighten her, and make her wary of you.


Food can go a long way in winning an animal’s trust. While you shouldn’t go overboard with treats, they are a great way to make Polly feel loved. Just stick to foods that are safe for your cute pet. Different birds have different dietary needs, so ask your vet for advice.

Move Slowly

Don’t make any sudden movements around Polly. This may scare her! Move slowly, especially if you have to reach into her cage.

Just Hang Out

Spend time just hanging out with Polly. You may want to put a comfy chair by her cage. Make that your spot for reading, watching TV, or using your phone or computer.


Toys are crucial to birds. They provide them with entertainment and stimulation, and keep them active and occupied. They’re also just fun! Offer Polly lots of toys, and swap them out regularly to keep things fresh for her. This will teach her to associate good things with your presence.


It may take some time for your new pet to get used to you. Don’t rush things. Give your winged friend the time she needs.

Please contact us, your Oshawa, ON vet clinic, anytime. We’re happy to provide great veterinary care for birds!

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