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Traveling With Fido

June 15 2021
Are you planning to travel this summer? As restrictions lift, many people are looking forward to getting away for a bit, even if it’s just for short excursions. Your canine friend will likely be more than happy to accompany you. Dogs make great travel buddies! Read on as a local Oshawa, ON vet offers some tips on travelling with Fido.


Before hitting the road, make sure Fido is fixed, microchipped, and current on his vaccinations. Your furry friend should also be microchipped and wearing current ID tags. Make sure that your records are up to date in the chipmaker’s database.


Fido may like sticking his nose out the window, but this is actually dangerous. He could get bugs or dust in his eye! Your pup should always travel in a crate. This also offers him much more protection in case of an accident. It’s important for your furry pal to be comfortable in his crate. If your pooch hasn’t been crate-trained yet, work on that before you leave. Adding bedding and toys will make the crate comfy for him.


Some dogs have stomachs of iron, and can eat almost anything without getting sick. Other pups get nauseous after even minute changes to their schedule or diet. If your cute pet has a sensitive tummy, he may get an upset stomach from strange tap water. If you can, bring water from home for him. Bottled water is another option.


If you’re going on a long drive, walk and play with your furry buddy before you leave. Fido will be more comfortable on the trip if he’s a bit tired out. You’ll also need to make regular doggy pit stops on the way.


Different areas offer different hazards for pets. Someone from Florida may not know about the dangers foxtail grasses pose, while a Southerner may not know that ice-melting chemicals used on sidewalks can be toxic. Do some research about the area you’re visiting. This could save you a lot of trouble and heartache!

Settling In

Some dogs will immediately make themselves at home in new places, but others need time to acclimate to strange surroundings. When you reach your destination, immediately take your canine pal for a walk, so you can get your bearings together. As your Oshawa, ON pet hospital, we’re dedicated to offering your pet great care. Call us anytime!

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