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Global Cat Day

October 15 2021
Tomorrow, October 16th, is International Cat Day! Kitties are beloved pets all over the world, and they definitely deserve to be celebrated. Here, an Oshawa, ON vet lists some fun facts about our feline friends.


Although it’s probably impossible to get an exact count, scientists estimate that there are probably about 400 million kitties here on planet Earth. That includes both wild and domestic. As to how many of those kitties are pets? Around 373 million!

Big Cats

Lions, tigers, and other huge cats can be just as silly and playful as domestic cats. And, just like their smaller kin, they also love naps, boxes, and catnip. The largest cat on the planet is the Siberian tiger. These ferocious felines can be as much as 10 feet long nose-to-tail, and can weigh almost 700 pounds. That’s a lot of cat!

Small Cats

On the other end of the spectrum, there are also some very small cats out there. The aptly-named Munchkin is one of the littler breeds. The Singapura is also a pint-sized furball, staying at about kitten size through their entire lives.

Smartest Cats

To be fair, scientists haven’t had much luck measuring kitty intelligence. Fluffy usually sleeps through studies, and she often flat-out refuses to obey commands, even if she understands them perfectly well. That said, the charismatic Abyssinian may be the top contender for the smartest kitty out there. (Ironically, they’re also one of the loudest.)

A Purrfect Place

Fluffy has a way of getting humans to spoil her no matter where she lives. However, Istanbul may be one of her crowning achievements. Local culture is very cat-friendly there. In fact, many people set out bowls of food and water daily for the city’s strays.

Feral, Stray, or Domestic

There are no physical differences between feral, stray, and domestic kitties. The only thing that varies between them is whether or not they have ever been socialized. Another interesting thing about these kitty categories? Only pet cats walk with their tails up. Strays and ferals usually let their tails droop.

What’s In A Name?

It’s always cute seeing the names people pick for their feline companions. Oliver was the most popular name for boy cats in 2020. For girls, Luna was the number one pick. Does your kitty need to come in for an exam? Contact us, your local Oshawa, ON animal clinic, today!

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