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6 Reasons To Adopt A Blind Dog

August 15 2022
Did you know that August 23rd is Blind Dog Day? This special occasion was created in 2017 by instagrammer Sarah Horne, to spread awareness about blind dogs. As it turns out, for many vision-impaired pups have more difficulty getting adopted than they do managing their disabilities. That’s very sad, because they often make very loving and cute pets. An Oshawa, ON lists some reasons to take a closer look at these specially-abled pups in this article.


Dogs are remarkably resilient, and can bounce back from even the most serious injuries. Fido may not be bothered at all by his vision—or lack thereof. He still just wants to spend time with his favorite humans, and just enjoy being a dog!

Simple Care

Many people find that blind dogs don’t need more care so much as they need slightly different care. You may want to arrange things differently, to help your canine buddy find his way around. Floor runners and stick-on air fresheners can help with this. You’ll also need to block off potentially-dangerous areas, such as stairs and fireplaces. Ask your vet for more information.

Less Shenanigans

You may actually find caring for Fido easier than caring for other dogs in some ways. After all, your furry buddy won’t tear off after every squirrel he sees, or chase the neighbor’s cat! He’s also less likely to snap up things off the floor, unless he stumbles across them.

Unconditional Love

Dogs that are visually impaired sometimes make the most loving and loyal pets! Just like any other pup, they really only want someone to take them home, love them, and provide them with food, proper care, and, of course, lots of love and attention. Fido’s capacity for unwavering loyalty and friendship is truly something to be treasured! Many blind dogs share a very special and deep bond with their humans.

Rewarding Experience

You may find it very rewarding to give an animal in need a second chance at happiness. Helping other souls in need can be a wonderful balm for anyone dealing with stress, depression, grief, or PTSD.

Tail Wags

Blind dogs are in many ways just like any other pooch. They enjoy ear scritches, belly rubs, walks, and treats, and make super cute and fun pets. Do you have questions about caring for blind dogs? Contact us, your Oshawa, ON animal clinic, anytime!  

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