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Playing With Your Cat   

May 15 2024

Fluffy is incredibly charming and very playful, not to mention just adorable to look at. Cats are pretty easy to care for. However, did you know that one of the best things you can do for your pet is play with her? An Oshawa, ON veterinarian lists some reasons why.

Kitties Love It

Playing obviously makes Fluffy very happy. Many animals engage in play of some kind. Seeing the pure delight kitties feel when they spot a catnip mouse or glimpse that elusive red dot is really charming! Both people and their animal friends need to have some fun in our lives.

It Lets Fluffy Unleash Her Inner Jaguar

Cats are unique in a few ways. Out of all our animal friends, Fluffy is the only one who doesn’t have to depend on people. A lot of animals and pets would find it difficult to live in the wild without human help. Kitties, it turns out, don’t really need us. They’re naturally good hunters. They just prefer to live as spoiled pets rather than having to work for their food.

That being stated, cats have natural hunting instincts. Skills that would help your kitty hunt for her food in the wild include pouncing, biting, stalking, and clawing. Just let your cute friend embrace her inner predator!

Building Bonds

Sometimes it takes cats a while to become used to new owners, especially if they have had a rough history. Playing can help your furry companion to learn that she is in a safe and loving environment. This can go a long way towards getting that little motor started. Fluffy will definitely value your efforts to provide her joy. That will undoubtedly win you a lot of purrs and cuddles.

Making Friends

Has your family lately grown by one more furry companion? Playing with your pets together is a great approach to strengthen their relationship. Your kitties will understand that good things happen when they are together.

Just don’t play favorites. Fluffy may feel a little left out if she sees you using the wand toy for Mittens rather than for her!

Cats Need Exercise as Well!

Many of our feline best buddies are prone to weight gain. Should Fluffy be anything more than, well, fluffy, she could be vulnerable to several major health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Obesity can start a vicious cycle in which your animal buddy loses energy as she becomes heavier.

Fluffy won’t obviously be setting herself goals for jogging up and down the stairs or doing laps around the kitchen. The best way to motivate her may well be to pick up that wand or laser pointer.

Burn Excess Zoominess

Kitties are known for taking naps…lots and lots of naps. Though most cats usually manage with 14–16 hours of sleep a day, Fluffy may snooze for up to 20 hours. (While we’re not entirely convinced that cuteness is actually that taxing, that’s another topic.)  In the wild, cats use a lot of energy in brief bursts while hunting, then recover for long stretches of time. A quick play session can replicate that natural cycle. Your cat might decide to burn off steam by running about the living room, but it’s better to let your furball use her energy in a healthy way, rather than scaling the walls.

It Gives Nervous Kitties More Confidence

Our feline best buddies are hunters and possible prey in their natural environments. This makes for a really special and unusual combination of purrsonality traits. Kitties can be both bold and timid at the same time.

Like us, cats are unique individuals; some are bold and fearless, some are usually carefree, while still others are quiet and shy. If you have a scaredy cat, playing may help Fluffy feel more secure. Getting the complex bounce/pounce technique down will give your timid friend a big confidence boost. See your Oshawa, ON veterinarian for advice on how to make your cat feel more secure if she is afraid.

Cats Can Let Off A Lot Of Steam This Way

Cats may feel irritated, uncomfortable, and distressed, just like people can. Fluffy might be quite irritated about a number of things. The cat from the neighbor who is always in her yard may  be irritating her. Playing with a catnip mouse is a much better way to get rid of your pet’s cattitude than having your toes chomped on. Consider it your kitty’s version of hitting a punching bag or the gym to decompress after a long workday.

It’s Adorable!

Playing with your cat can be fun for you and Fluffy! Though cats take hunting very seriously, it’s difficult not to find them entertaining when they’re totally focused on their “prey.” 

Along with providing us with love and company, our feline best buddies also put smiles on our faces and entertain us with their silly antics. Kitties really just have a special way of warming our hearts, and filling our homes and lives with love. They’re also very, very entertaining to watch!

Does My Cat Need Daily Playtime?

Ideally, yes. Of course, there is some leeway here. Missing a day won’t annoy your feline best buddy. But we suggest spending a few minutes every day using a wand toy or laser pointer to interact with your pet. This need not be unduly time-consuming. When you want to relax, make sure you always have a feather toy or laser pointer close. You can do this while watching TV.

When Should I Play With My Cat?

That will depend on you and Fluffy. You can be sure your cat is not going to be overworked. Our feline friends do not overexert themselves. Ever. Your kitty will just stop playing and probably head off to find her next comfortable place to nap the moment she becomes a little tired.

Which Toys Are Cats’ Favorites?

Do you have more than one kitty? That’s even more fun! However, you’ll need to offer a variety of toys. Having several cats means that you may need to offer a variety of choices.

Every one of our cherished pets has dislikes and preferences of their own. While Pumpkin is happy to bat a crushed-up paper ball about, Fluffy likes to play with catnip mice, and Mittens likes to chase a laser pointer. Try out a few different things to see what your cat really likes.

How Can I Make Sure My Cat Plays Safely?

A few simple safety measures can help you to successfully prevent most accidents. Use only cat toys. Don’t let your cute pet play with anything that could cut or choke her. That covers everything that might be dangerous, such as paper clips, rubber bands, pen caps, and tacks, as well as plastic ties and bags. We would also recommend putting string toys away after each use. You don’t want your pet getting tangled up if she were to try to play with it when you weren’t there. Get further information from your veterinarian.

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Playing With Your Cat   

Fluffy is incredibly charming and very playful, not to mention just adorable to look at.

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