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Signs of Allergies in Dogs

January 15 2016
Did you know that our canine companions can suffer from allergies, just as people can? Fido can become allergic to a wide variety of items, such as pollen, dust, mold, and specific materials. Dogs can also react to insect bites, fumes, or even ingredients in their shampoo or food. Read on as a local Bowmanville, ON veterinarian discusses some possible signs of allergies in dogs.

Recurring Ear Infections

If your pet has ear infections that keep coming back, allergies could be the cause. Itchy ears can also be a sign of allergies in our canine pals.


We know, snoring dogs can be super cute. But, if Fido is sawing logs in his sleep, allergies could be to blame.


Is Fido sneezing? Your canine buddy could be having an allergic reaction, perhaps to a certain scent, like an aerosol or cigarette smoke.

Skin Problems

If your pooch seems particularly itchy, allergies could be to blame. Skin troubles, such as red, flaky, crusty, or itchy skin, can be indicative of allergies. Fido may also get bald spots where he rubs himself to soothe an itch. Sometimes, you may see discoloration in specific spots.

Red Eyes

Red, itchy, or watery eyes can also be symptomatic of allergies in Man’s Best Friend. If your dog’s eyes look runny or irritated, he may be reacting to something.


Sometimes allergies can cause pets to get upset stomachs. Fido may throw up or have diarrhea as a result of allergies.


Fido may bite or chew at himself if he is feeling itchy. The paws and the base of the tail are often particularly itchy in dogs with allergies. Dogs with allergies often rub their faces against things to try and get relief from constant itching. Many of these symptoms can be indicative of several different health problems, so if Fido has any of these symptoms, have him examined ASAP. Your vet will perform tests to identify what is causing your furry buddy’s reactions. If food allergies are suspected, Fido may be put on a special diet for a while, to help identify his allergens. Once a culprit has been found, your vet will be able to discuss treatment options, which will be presented on a case-by-case basis. Do you know or suspect that your dog has allergies? We can help! Contact us, your Bowmanville, ON animal clinic, anytime.
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