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6 Great Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

April 1 2016
Did you know that April 11th is National Pet Day? Our animal friends deserve to be loved and celebrated every day, but this is still a wonderful time to give your pet a little extra TLC. In this article, a Bowmanville, ON vet lists some great ways to celebrate this wonderful occasion.


This is a perfect chance to take some great photos of your adorable pet! Shoot at dusk or dawn to take advantage of great natural light. For smaller animals, use the macro setting on your camera, if it has one.


One thing all of our animal companions have in common is their love of treats. Offer Fluffy a bit of canned tuna or salmon, or give Fido some cooked, plain, hamburger, beef, or chicken, without the bone. For birds, pocket pets, or exotic pets, ask your vet to recommend safe and suitable treats.


Toys are very beneficial to pets: they provide our animal friends with entertainment and stimulation, and help keep them physically and mentally active. Get Fido a new chew toy, or pick Fluffy up another catnip mouse. If you have a rabbit, Guinea pig, gerbil, or hamster, consider getting your adorable furball a new chew toy. Birds may enjoy foraging toys, swings, or mirrors.


A new bed is another great way to pamper your pet on this special day. Even if Fido and Fluffy already have beds, see if you have enough room for another. There’s no such thing as too many napping spots! Smaller animals may appreciate a new hidey-hole. Or, even better, upgrade your tiny pal’s cage, and give them more room.

Veterinary Care

Visiting us may not be your pet’s favorite thing to do, but proper veterinary care is very important! If your little (or not so little) buddy is overdue for vaccines or an examination, call us today to schedule an appointment. Healthy pets are happy pets!

Cuddle Time

Another way to celebrate this special day is to simply spend some quality time with your pet. Indulge Fido with a fun game of fetch, or let Fluffy curl up in your lap. Birds, rabbits, and other smaller animals may enjoy some extra time out of their habitats. Please contact us, your Bowmanville, ON animal clinic, with any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. We are always happy to assist!

Playing With Your Cat   

Fluffy is incredibly charming and very playful, not to mention just adorable to look at.

Disaster Preparation Tips for Pet Owners

Disaster preparedness always takes center stage here in Canada during the first week of May.

Choosing A Pet Frog

Did you know that Save A Frog Day is coming up on April 28? It
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