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Fun Games You Can Play With Your Dog

June 1 2016
Do you have a playful pooch? Dogs can be quite frisky, especially when they’re young. It’s hard not to smile at the adorable sight of your canine buddy running up to you with his favorite toy, hoping you’ll play with him. While fetch may always be Fido’s favorite game, it certainly isn’t your only option. Read on as a Bowmanville, ON vet lists some fun games you can play with your dog.


This one is really fun, and can give both you and Fido a great workout! Take turns chasing your dog, and having him chase you.

Simon Says

To turn this classic childhood game into something Fido can enjoy, simply use commands like Stay, Sit, and Lay Down. Of course, your pet will need to have basic doggy obedience commands mastered first. Keep treats on hand to reward your canine buddy for doing well.

Hide And Seek

This is one you can slip into your cleaning or chores whenever you’re home. Hide somewhere, then call Fido and see how long he takes to find you. Reward your pup with a treat when he locates you.

Name Game

Does your dog know how to fetch his toys? If so, why not start teaching him to bring other items? Start by playing fetch with a few toys. When you toss the toy, say its name clearly. Before long, Fido should start associating the toy with its name. Then, you can start teaching him to fetch specific items.


You’ll need a ball and a laundry basket for this canine-friendly version of basketball. Start by dropping the ball into the basket. Be sure to say ‘Drop’ or ‘Score!’ when you do this. Let Fido watch you several times until you think he has the hang of it, then give him the ball and let him try. (Results may vary.)

Red Light, Green Light

Give this children’s game a pet-friendly twist by changing the commands to Stay and Come. Make sure to give your furry friend treats and praise!


Strenuous activity isn’t right for all dogs. Ask your vet for specific activity recommendations for your canine buddy. Also, make sure Fido doesn’t overheat: if he starts panting, give him some water, and take a break. Do you have questions or concerns about your dog’s health? Contact us, your Bowmanville, ON animal hospital, today!

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