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Setting Up a Guinea Pig Cage

May 15 2016
Have you recently decided to adopt a Guinea pig? These little furballs can make absolutely adorable pets! One of the most important aspects of caring for a Guinea pig, or cavy, as they are sometimes called, is making sure your tiny buddy is comfortable in his cage. In this article, a Bowmanville, ON vet discusses setting up a cavy cage.

Choosing The Cage

Choosing the right cage is very important. For one Guinea pig, you’ll need a cage that is at least 7.5 square feet. Cavies like having buddies, but if you get more than one furball, you’ll need a bigger cage. Bigger is always better, so get the largest cage you can. To maximize your pet’s space, look for one with two stories. We recommend a wire cage. Choose one with a solid floor, as wire floors can hurt your pet’s feet.


Once you have the cage, you’ll need to add a suitable substrate. You can use aspen, or soft fleece blankets. Avoid pine and cedar substrates, as they are toxic to small animals. Your Guinea pig will need a hidey-hole to retreat to when he feels scared or wants to nap. Your cavy will also require food dishes, a water bottle, and playthings. Make sure to offer your tiny furball plenty of suitable chew toys! Wood, wicker, and paper items are fine, as long as they don’t have sharp edges or small parts, and are not covered with varnish, paint, or glitter. Ask your vet for more information.


Guinea pigs can be litterbox trained. Training will take time and patience, but it’s well worth the trouble. If you plan to train your cavy, get a little litter pan. Avoid clay or clumping litters, as well as pine or cedar ones.


Picking the right location is also crucial. Your pet won’t be comfortable in a damp or chilly area, or in direct sunlight. Also, avoid putting the little guy too near a loud TV or stereo. Your furry buddy will be most comfortable in a spot where he can see or hear you, but isn’t in the midst of household traffic. A family room or living room is ideal. If you have other pets, raise your cavy’s cage off the floor. Please call us, your Bowmanville, ON animal clinic, for all your cavy’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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