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How to Keep Fluffy Out of the Christmas Tree

December 1 2016
Are you planning on putting a tree up this year? If you have a feline friend, you may very well find yourself trying to keep Fluffy away from it. Every year, hundreds—if not thousands—of frisky kitties wreak havoc on their owners’ Christmas trees. We are here to help! Read on as an Oshawa, ON vet offers some great tips on keeping your cat out of the tree.

Kitty Mentality

In the wild, cats use trees to help them survey their surroundings. Trees also offer Fluffy safety and shelter. Plus, they just happen to make great manicure stations. We know, your kitty may only need safety from the vacuum cleaner, and she may only want a higher vantage point so she can stare at you with that slightly judgmental look cats excel at. However, she’ll still be driven to climb the tree. Never punish your pet for following her instincts. Your feline pal won’t know what she did wrong, and may just feel confused or scared. Instead, when your cat gets too close to the tree, squirt her with water or make a loud noise.


Make sure that your feline friend has lots of fun toys, and play with her every day. This will burn off your kitty’s excess energy. After a fun play session, Fluffy may be more interested in napping than in conquering the tree.


Don’t put your tree in a spot that offers your furball easy access. A corner is a good location. You can also use a baby gate to block your playful pet’s access to the tree.

Choosing Ornaments

Keep Fluffy in mind when hanging your ornaments. You’ll want to put the most durable ones on the bottom of the tree. Hang breakable decorations near the top, where your mischievous kitty can’t reach them as easily.


Tinsel, ornament hooks, ribbons, and even lights can all be dangerous to our furry friends. Choose pet-safe decorations.


Your tree has a much better chance of remaining upright if it has a sturdy base. You can also secure the treetop to the ceiling or wall with fishing wire. This won’t show, but will add extra support. Please do not hesitate to contact us, your local Oshawa, ON animal clinic, if we can ever be of assistance. We will provide your pet with excellent veterinary care!

Playing With Your Cat   

Fluffy is incredibly charming and very playful, not to mention just adorable to look at.

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