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Fido’s New Year’s Resolutions

January 1 2018
Happy New Year! Are you making personal resolutions this year? If so, your canine buddy will stand faithfully by your side throughout 2018, offering love, support, puppy kisses, and tail wags as you strive to meet your objectives. In fact, Fido may even have a few goals of his own! Here, an Oshawa, ON vet lists some New Year’s resolutions for dogs.

Perfect Begging Techniques

Fido is very good at getting us to fork over yummy snacks. Those big sad eyes are hard to resist! However, your pooch may still be working on that starving-puppy expression that is so effective at scoring him treats. (If you can’t resist your pet’s theatrics, give him something healthy, like a carrot stick. Begging is bad petiquette!)

Catch That Squirrel

Many of our playful canine friends just can’t resist running after squirrels. Fido may very well try even harder this year!

Eat More Treats!

If there’s one thing that can always get that cute tail going, it’s snacks! It’s fine for you to help Fido achieve this goal by giving him the occasional snack. After all, treats are a great training aid, and can also help you bond with your pet. Just don’t go overboard: you don’t want to spoil your four-legged friend, or have him become obese!

Defeat The Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming regularly will help remove dust, fur, and dander from your carpets. It’s also a great help at fighting fleas. However, Fido sees the vacuum as a terrifying machine that takes away the smells he worked so hard to leave!


Dogs are very curious, and love conquering new patches of grass. Take your four-legged buddy to a new trail or park in 2018!

More Car Rides

Does your canine companion love going for car rides? Fido would love to ride around even more this year. Just be sure to always keep your pooch crated for travel: it’s much safer!

Score More Belly Rubs

As far as dogs are concerned, belly rubs are among the best things in life. Ear scritches, back scratches, and being petted are also pretty high on the list. Help Fido achieve this important goal! Spend lots of time with your pooch in 2018. It will be good for both of you! Please contact us, your Oshawa, ON pet hospital, anytime. We look forward to providing you with excellent care in 2018 and beyond!

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