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Keeping Your Dog Active Indoors

January 15 2018
Are you ready for spring? What about your dog? While some of our canine buddies like the snow and cold, others hate chilly weather. If your pet falls into the latter category, he may very well spend a good chunk of winter curled up in his doggy bed. However, your pooch does need activity to stay healthy, no matter what conditions are like outside. Don’t let Fido become a furry couch potato! Here, a Bowmanville, ON vet discusses keeping your pup active inside.

Laser Pointer

One great way to keep Fido moving is to hold a laser pointer for him to chase. This is great because you can give your canine friend his workout while you are watching TV or talking on the phone.


You can play a version of Hide And Seek indoors with your pup. Go to one end of the house, hide, and then call Fido to you. Give him praise and ear scritches when he finds you, so he doesn’t think he answered your call for nothing.


Fetch can be played indoors, though there are a few caveats here. You’ll want to choose an area without any breakable objects. You also don’t want to use anything that’s particularly heavy. Of course, this also works best with small or medium-sized dogs: if you have a St. Bernard, this may not be the best option.

Stair Runs

Here’s an easy way to trick Fido into moving: go to the top of the stairs, holding his favorite toy. When your dog reaches you, toss the toy down the stairs. Chances are, your pooch will go after it and bring it back to you. A few rounds of this will really get your pet’s heart pumping!


Fido may also be able to get his workout in on a treadmill. Just be sure to always put safety first. First, make sure your vet gives the green light. It’s also important to remove your dog’s collar and leash before his workout. You don’t want to take a chance on your pet getting caught on the treadmill! Start Fido out on the slowest setting, to let him get used to the idea, and build his endurance slowly. Finally, never leave your pup unattended on the machine. Please contact us, your Bowmanville, ON pet hospital, for all your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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