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Caring for a Deaf Dog

June 1 2018
Has your canine buddy developed hearing issues? Are you considering adopting a cute pup that can’t hear very well? Hearing loss isn’t uncommon in dogs. Pets can lose their hearing due to age, infection, or injury, or because of genetic issues. However, don’t assume that caring for a deaf dog will be extremely difficult or time consuming. Actually, Fido may just need a little extra TLC to live a happy, normal life. In this article, an Oshawa, ON vet discusses caring for a deaf dog.


Did you know that dogs can be trained to respond to visual cues? You can teach your furry buddy to respond to hand signals for commands like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. You may also want to train Fido to come when you wave a flashlight a certain way. This is very handy for calling your pup at night!


Keep Fido on a tight leash when you are walking him along the side of a road. Your pooch won’t hear cars approaching, which puts him at higher risk for running into traffic.


Being startled isn’t any more fun for Fido than it is for us. Try to avoid jumping your furry pal, especially when he’s snoozing. Don’t sneak up behind your canine friend, or wake him unexpectedly from a dead sleep. Instead, stomp your foot before approaching him, and make sure your pup knows that you are there.


Consider putting a little bell on Fido’s collar. Since he won’t hear you if you call him, this will help you monitor him as he moves throughout the house.


When people come over your house for the first time, make sure to let them know that your canine companion is deaf. Ask people not to sneak up on your four-legged pal. You may even want to hang a sign on Fido’s collar to let people know that he can’t hear.

Deaf Dogs

While any dog can be afflicted by hearing loss, ear problems are more common among certain breeds. Dalmatians, for example, have an elevated risk of being deaf. It may also surprise you to learn that pups with white heads and/or coats are particularly susceptible to hearing issues. Do you know or suspect that your pooch has hearing trouble? Call us, your local Oshawa, ON pet clinic, today. We are always here to help!

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