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Fido’s Golden Rules

September 1 2018
Dogs have a special way of brightening up our days and lives with their adorable mannerisms, unending enthusiasm, and lovable characteristics. It’s hard not to smile when seeing a happy pup wagging his tail, or enjoying some belly rubs. As it turns out, our canine friends may have some life lessons to teach us! Here, an Oshawa, ON vet lists some of Fido’s Golden Rules.

Explore Your World

Dogs love checking out new places and exploring new patches of grass. Take your canine companion for regular walks, and visit a park on occasion. The change of scenery will offer your furry friend beneficial mental stimulation, and help keep him from getting bored. Plus, it will be good for you, too!

Show Your Enthusiasm

Dogs definitely aren’t shy about letting us know when they are excited about something. Fido may jump for joy to see you when you come home. He may also do a little happy dance when it’s time for a walk or a car ride, or when he knows you have a treat or toy for him.

Be Loyal

Our canine pals have an amazing capacity to be loyal. Fido will stick with you through thick and thin, offering unconditional doggy love and endless puppy smooches and tail wags. Stick by your loved ones!


Fido is absolutely adorable when he’s napping. Dogs actually spend about half their time sleeping. Pamper your pooch with a good doggy bed, so he can sleep comfortably.

Have Fun

There’s nothing more joyful than a playful pup bounding after his favorite toy. Dogs are overflowing with energy, and love to run and play. Play with Fido regularly. Carve out time for yourself to have fun, too.

Eat Well

Fido may take this one a little too seriously. Dogs certainly do love food! While you don’t want to follow your canine buddy’s example by eating anything and everything, it is important to choose healthy, nourishing food.

Show Your Love

Man’s Best Friend is pretty open about showing his affection. Fido will stick close by you, offering you smooches and snuggles, and may even follow you around. Some pooches start thumping their tails if their owners so much as look at them! Show your loved ones that you care for them. Do you have questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Oshawa, ON animal clinic, today!

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