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New Year’s Resolutions for People and Pets

January 1 2019
Happy New Year! Your furry best friend will be right by your side—or perhaps at your feet—in the new year, offering cuddles, friendship, and love. If you’re making resolutions, why not include your four-legged pal? Read on as a local Oshawa, ON vet lists some great resolutions that apply to both people and pets.

Stay Active

Proper activity is just as crucial for pets as it is for people. If you have a dog, check with your vet for specific exercise recommendations for your canine buddy. However, most dogs need at least a daily walk. As for Fluffy, you can keep her fit with interactive play sessions. Getting her some kitty furniture that encourages her to jump and climb will also help.

Try Something New

Pets can and do get bored and restless with nothing to do. Take Fido for a fun trip to a local dog park, or explore a new trail with him. As for Fluffy, rearrange her cat furniture regularly. Even offering her empty boxes and paper grocery bags will help keep her entertained. This applies to you, too. Try a new hobby this year!

Get Lots Of Rest

Make sure that you are getting enough rest at night. Of course, you probably won’t need to urge your pet to sleep more. Cats sleep about 14 hours a day, while Fido clocks in at around 12 hours. However, they both make great napping buddies!

Drink Plenty Of Water

One small thing you can do to stay healthy this year is to make sure that you are drinking enough water. Consider getting your four-legged friend a pet drinking fountain. Many dogs and cats actually prefer to drink running water!

Make Time To Play

Pets brighten up our lives in many ways. It’s hard not to smile when watching a frisky dog or cat bounding after their favorite toy. Take time to play with your furry pal every day. This is both adorable and a great way for you to relax after a long day!

Visit The Doctor

Going to the doctor regularly is very important for both people and pets. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule. Don’t forget to make appointments for yourself, either! As your Oshawa, ON vet clinic, we look forward to serving your pet’s veterinary care needs in 2019 and beyond. Call us anytime!

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