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Spring To-Do List For Pet Parents

March 15 2019
Spring is officially here! Well, technically, we’re a week or so off, but it’s close. Many of us are more than happy to stash our winter gear away. At this time of year, many people like to give their homes a good cleaning. Read on as an Oshawa, ON vet offers suggests some things pet parents may want to tackle before summer.

Clean Beds

Give your furry buddy’s bed a good wash. If possible, put it the washing machine, using hot water and unscented detergent. Otherwise, vacuum and/or steam clean it.

De-Fur Things

Did you know that a squeegee is a great tool for removing fur from upholstery? You can also use rubber dish gloves, or a damp sponge. Of course, since spring is a peak shedding time, you may need to deal with the fur on your pet as well. Brush Fido and Fluffy daily until they have finished their wardrobe change.

Wash Fido’s Clothes

Wash your canine friend’s winter jackets and sweaters. Check label instructions, and use hot water and unscented soap whenever possible. While you’re at it, inspect each piece. You can sew up minor rips or tears. Discard and replace anything that’s really worn and/or difficult to fix. Then, pack away everything but a light jacket and raincoat.

Inspect/Wash Toys

Go through your furry pal’s toybox. Wash the things that can be cleaned, and discard and replace anything that’s old, worn, or ripped, like that plush toy that’s been reduced to a scrap of fabric. Remember to refresh the catnip in Fluffy’s refillable mice!

Keep Up With Veterinary Care

When the warm weather returns, so will fleas, ticks, and other parasites. Make sure that your animal companion is current on their vaccinations and parasite control.

Bathe The Dog

Many of our canine pals are definitely due for baths! Give Fido a good bath, or take him to the salon. While you don’t have to bathe your cat, you can if you want to, as long as your vet doesn’t object. Use warm water and kitty shampoo.

Go Through Your Pet’s Things

Inspect your pet’s toys, treats, and medications. Discard and replace anything that’s expired. Clean and disinfect your furry pal’s bowls, as well as any containers you store food or snacks in. Please feel free to contact us, your local Oshawa, ON vet clinic, anytime. We are here to help!

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