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7 Ways To Pamper A Senior Dog

January 15 2020
Is your dog approaching his golden years? Fido will never stop being adorable, and he’ll still be full of love and tail wags as he ages. However, his needs will change a bit. Fido’s basic requirements—good food, regular veterinary care, and suitable exercise—will stay the same. However, you’ll want to focus more on keeping him comfortable, and less on keeping him entertained and out of mischief. Read on for some tips from an Oshawa, ON vet on pampering an older pooch.

Pet Ramps

Older dogs often get quite stiff and sore. Fido may have a hard time getting in and out of the car, going up and down stairs, and (assuming he’s allowed) hopping on and off beds and sofas. Pet ramps or stairs will help your furry buddy get around more easily.


A good massage can be just as relaxing and beneficial to dogs as it is for people. A licensed pet masseuse can help ease your canine pal’s aches and pains. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Does your pup have thin fur? If so, he should have a doggy sweater for winter. Make sure that Fido’s clothes fit well, and are not too tight, hot, itchy, or restricting. You’ll also want to pick things you can get on and off him easily. We recommend getting more than one. That way, if one gets wet or muddy, your pooch will still have something to wear while it’s in the wash.

Elevated Dishes

Fido will be much more comfortable eating from raised dishes than from bowls on the floor. Your pet will have to splay his legs to eat off the ground. This can be quite uncomfortable, especially for older pups.

Comfy Beds

A good bed is a must for older pooches. Fido won’t sleep comfortably on a thin mat! Orthopedic beds are great options for senior dogs. Your canine buddy may also appreciate a heated or thermal blanket to curl up in when it’s cold out.


Your pup will never outgrow his love of treats! Just don’t go overboard here. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Belly Rubs

Make sure Fido feels loved and safe by paying him lots of attention. Tail wags from senior dogs are truly precious! As your Oshawa, ON pet clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great veterinary care. Please contact us anytime!

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