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6 Ways To Help Your Dog Live Longer

February 1 2020
Our canine friends are very loyal and faithful companions, who fill our lives with love and tail wags. There is a quote that says something to the effect of ‘The only thing fault in dogs is that their lives are too short.’  We can’t argue with that one! Of course, while your pet’s size and breed will definitely play a role in his expected lifespan, the care you give him is also a huge factor. Read on as a local Bowmanville, ON vet lists some things you can do to help your furry best friend live a long and happy life.

Regular Veterinary Care

Proper veterinary care is absolutely crucial here! We strongly recommend getting your canine pal fixed. It’s also important to keep up with Fido’s wellness care, such as his parasite control products, exams, and vaccinations. Be sure to act immediately if you see any signs of illness. If you notice anything unusual about your dog’s appearance or behavior that could indicate sickness, don’t wait to see if it resolves itself. Call your vet right away!

Proper Exercise

Staying active is just as important to dogs as it is for people. Although all pups are different, most of them need at least a daily walk. This will not only keep Fido in good shape physically, it will also help prevent obesity!

Good Diet

Speaking of diet, your pooch needs good nutrition to stay healthy. Your dog’s dietary needs will change over time, so ask your vet about this at Fido’s regular appointments.


Training is of course crucial for petiquette, but it’s also important for safety reasons. Teaching Fido basic commands like Sit and Stay can help you keep him from running off if you drop his leash.


Never underestimate Fido’s capacity for getting into mischief! Petproofing is very important, especially when your pup is young. If you have a yard, you’ll also need to make sure that your fencing is secure, and that your dog can’t go over or under it.


A microchip is a tiny device that only takes a few moments to insert. However, if Fido ever goes missing, it could save his life! Ask your vet for more information about microchipping. Please reach out to us, your local Bowmanville, ON vet clinic, for all of your pup’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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