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Eco-Friendly Pet Care

April 15 2020

Earth Day is coming up April 22nd! Many people are trying to take steps to reduce waste and preserve our beautiful planet. Read on for some great tips from an Oshawa, ON vet on how to green your pet care routine.

Keep Kitty In

Did you know that cats kill billions of birds every year? Keep your adorable little predator indoors! This will not only keep your feline friend safer, it will also help local wildlife.

Buy In Bulk

When possible, buy your pet’s things in bulk. Just don’t go overboard with perishables, like kibble, as it could spoil before you use it.

Go The DIY Route

There are DIY options for making all sorts of things for your four-legged friend, from toys to beds to treats. You can turn an old stepladder into a kitty tower, or make a sweater into a pet bed. Look online for ideas and instructions.

Waste Not

Dog feces is a huge source of water contamination. Always pick up after Fido! Use biodegradable bags to be extra earth-friendly. You can also use these for kitty litter.

Shop Wisely

When shopping for your pet, look for products that use sustainable resources. Also, opt for things made locally, if you can. You may also want to get into the habit of bringing reusable shopping bags in your car, if you haven’t already.

Reduce Paper Waste

Use washable microfiber cloths for cleaning instead of paper towels. They work great, and are also cheaper in the long run.


If your furry friend hasn’t been fixed yet, we strongly recommend getting this done as soon as possible. Pet overpopulation is one of the main reasons there are so many pets in shelters.

Choose Earth-Friendly Cleaning Products

There are now green options available for everything from detergents to shower cleaners. Consider switching to eco-friendly brands.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

While we love to see any animal getting a great forever home, it’s also important to support good animal welfare. When you are ready to bring a new pet into your life, chance by adopting from a shelter, rather than going through a pet store. If you are looking for an exotic animal, however, be sure to go through a reputable store or breeder. Ask your vet for more information.

Please reach out to us, your local Oshawa, ON vet clinic, anytime. We are always here to help!

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