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7 Reasons to Play With Your Dog

June 1 2020

Our canine buddies have many adorable traits. They’re cute, cuddly, loyal, and highly entertaining. They’re also very playful! As it turns out, play sessions aren’t just fun for Fido: they’re also very good for him. Read on as an Oshawa, ON vet lists some great reasons to go get that tennis ball.


Exercise is just as important for pets as it is for people. While daily walks certainly help keep Fido in shape, fun play sessions offer your furry bff a much more vigorous workout.

Beat Doggy Boredom

Did you know that boredom is often a factor in bad doggy behaviors, such as digging or chewing? If you tire your pooch out with a fun play session, he’ll probably be more likely to curl up for a nap than try to dig up your flowerbeds. In fact, making sure that Fido is getting enough activity is an across-the-board recommendation for dealing with many bad habits.


When you toss a ball for Fido to play with or hold a rope toy for him to tug on, he will know that you’re making an effort to keep him happy. This will definitely help your canine companion feel loved and safe, which will in turn strengthen that special bond between you.

Mental Stimulation

Running after a ball or stick is not just good for Fido physically, it’s also great for his mind. Your furry pal has to concentrate to catch that ball or stick. That mental stimulation is wonderful for his brain. 

It’s Good For You, Too

Dogs really have a way of reminding us to savor the little moments, and just enjoy what we have. We suspect that doggy playtime will put a smile on your face as well!

It’s Super Cute!

There are few things cuter than a playful pooch joyfully running after his favorite toy, or splashing around in the spray from a hose or sprinkler. Fido is never more adorable than when he’s hard at play. Those happy-puppy tail wags are a good reason in and of themselves!


Every dog is a bit different. For instance, some pups shouldn’t be encouraged to stand or jump very much, while others should never be overexerted. Check with your vet and get some advice on Fido’s specific activity needs.

Please contact us, your Oshawa, ON vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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