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How To Spoil A Guinea Pig

November 15 2020
Are you interested in adopting a Guinea pig? These guys really make super cute and lovable little pets. Of course, just like all of our other animal companions, cavies do have some specific care needs. And, just like any other pet, they also love to get pampered. Here, a local vets Bowmanville, ON offers a few tips on how to spoil your pint-sized pal.


Guinea pigs are very sociable little furballs. If you only have one, your pet will be lonely and depressed. It’s best to keep at least two together. Just be careful to only house same-sex cavies together. Otherwise, you may end up with more pets than you bargained for! 

Good Cage

This one really shouldn’t be considered spoiling, as we think every Guinea pig should have a great cage. Make sure your tiny buddies have lots of room to run and play! Consider choosing one with multiple levels. This will give your adorable pets more floor space without taking up more of yours.


Toys are lots of fun for Guinea pigs. They’re also crucial to keeping your furry buddy’s teeth healthy. Offer your tiny pet a variety of playthings. You don’t have to spend a lot of money here. You can actually make many cute toys from common household items, such as toilet paper rolls. Look online for ideas and instructions.


Living in a cage can get quite dull. Let your fuzzy friend out for some supervised playtime every day. This is a great chance to pet and play with your furry pal. One great thing about Guinea pigs is the fact that they’re so affectionate. Some even sleep on their humans’ laps!  


Guinea pigs do have a bit of a sweet tooth. You can give your adorable buddy some sliced apples, pears, seedless grapes, or raisins on occasion. However, you don’t want to go overboard with sugary foods. For daily treats, fresh veggies are a better choice. Just stick with things that you know are safe for Guinea pigs. These tiny furballs have very sensitive stomachs and can get quite sick from eating the wrong thing. Ask your vet for more information. Please reach out to us, your local animal hospital Bowmanville, ON, with any questions or concerns about Guinea pig care. We’re dedicated to helping all of our patients–even the tiniest ones–stay happy and healthy.

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