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Back To School Pet Care

August 15 2021
Summer is winding down, and many kids are headed back to school. While there are still some classes being held virtually, this year is definitely much closer to normal than last year was. Back to school time can be a tough transition for pets. An Oshawa, ON vet discusses helping your furry buddy cope with that change below.


Fido and Fluffy are creatures of habit, and can get quite stressed out by changes to their homes or schedules. Sometimes dogs will express that angst by acting out, as they may channel their anxiety into things like digging or chewing. Cats may just act clingy or grumpy. Make sure your pet has lots of toys to play with, and take time to play with them every day. Some extra cuddles and attention may also be in order.


School supplies may not be at the top of the list of potential hazards for pets, but there are dangers here, particularly for pets that like to chew or eat, well, everything. Scissors, staples, glue, crayons, markers, and paper clips are all very dangerous for pets, and can cause serious–potentially fatal–injuries if swallowed. And, while that old ‘The dog ate my homework’ adage is generally regarded as a joke, it actually has happened. Keep school supplies out of paws’ reach!

Day Care

This year is unique in that many parents are headed back to the office as the kids have gone back to school. This is quite hard on pets who have gotten used to having their families around full-time. If your canine companion is really upset about his humans being gone more, you may want to consider doggy daycare. You can also hire a pet sitter to come in and check on Fido.


Try to get your pet used to the school schedule a few weeks in advance. Start feeding, walking, and playing with your furry buddy at the same times as you would during school.


This one isn’t a universal recommendation: choosing if and when to get a new pet is a very personal decision, and one where there are a lot of factors involved. That said, it may be something to ponder. If all lights are green, go for it! Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Oshawa, ON animal clinic, we are here to help!  

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