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Resolutions For People With Timid Dogs

January 1 2022
Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that 2021 is out the door, and we’re already into 2022. New Year’s Eve can be pretty scary for dogs, particularly those who are naturally timid. If your canine buddy is a nervous type, read on! An Oshawa, ON vet offers some tips on caring for a nervous pooch in this article.

Give Your Pet Regular Workouts

Dogs are always naturally calmer after they’ve burned off their zoomies. When it’s warm enough, bring Fido on long walks and play with him daily. If it’s cold out, just play with your pup inside. Things like Fetch can be played indoors, and can be a great way to help your furry pal work off his excess energy. Just choose safe areas.

Drown Noise Out

If you live in a loud neighborhood, your pup may be unsettled by things like horns, sirens, shouting, and even your neighbor’s TV. Turn a TV or radio on to drown out that background noise. A white noise app or channel may also help.

Offer Suitable Chews

Dogs sometimes chew as a way to self-soothe themselves. Offer Fido suitable chews, but only when you can supervise. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Don’t Reinforce Bad Behavior

There’s nothing wrong with petting or consoling your four-legged buddy when he’s scared. However, if you coddle your canine friend at every little noise, you might inadvertently be training him to act frightened, even when he isn’t. Don’t go overboard!

Provide Comfort Items

Comfy beds, soft toys, and plush blankets can be just as soothing to dogs as they are to us. Fido may also benefit from weighted shirts or pet-calming products. Ask your vet for advice on these.

Have A Relaxing Day

Some dogs won’t bat an eye if you have a house full of people. Others will become a trembling ball of nerves as soon as the doorbell rings. If you (or your neighbors) had people over last night, your furry buddy may still feel uneasy. Take it easy today. Order some food, and just relax and hang out with Fido! All of us here at Clarington Animal Hospital, your local Oshawa, ON animal clinic, want to wish you and your nervous dog a wonderful, happy, and healthy new year. We look forward to providing your pet with great veterinary care in 2022 and for years to come!

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