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Things You Learn When You Adopt A Bengal

March 1 2022
Are you looking for a cat that has an exotic look but has the size and personality of a domestic kitty? If so, the Bengal may be a great choice for you. Bengals originated as a cross between domestic felines and the Asian Leopard Cat. They’re also very unique, and in more ways than one! In this article, an Oshawa, ON vet lists some things new Bengal owners learn fairly quickly.

Fluffy Missed Some Memos

One thing that really stands out about Bengals is the fact that they don’t always act like cats. In fact, they have a few characteristics that are more commonly associated with our canine companions. For instance, many Bengals like playing in water. They also often enjoy playing Fetch with their humans, and sometimes even like being walked on leashes.

Bengals Are Very Opinionated

These charismatic little furballs are extremely vocal, and won’t hesitate to speak their minds. Fluffy may voice her opinions about everything from the moth in the kitchen to the dust bunny under the bed.

Extra Zoomies

We know, all of our feline friends tend to be very playful and mischievous when they are kittens. Bengals often have an extra dose of zoominess. Your furry little buddy will need lots of toys to play with, as well as furniture to climb and explore. (Fortunately, Fluffy tends to calm down by the time she’s about three or four.)

You Have A Tiny Tiger

Given that Bengals are descended from exotic cats, it probably shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to find that they act very much like tiny versions of their larger kin and namesake, the Bengal tiger. Fluffy is known for having a strong prey drive, and may very well bring you ‘gifts.’

They’re Pretty Kitties

Bengals have very pretty coats, which come in several colors and variations. In fact, some of them seem to glitter in the sun! You will need to brush your feline pal regularly, but this isn’t going to be very difficult or time consuming.

Bengals Are Very Loving Pets

Bengals tend to form very close bonds with their humans. Many of them are super affectionate, and absolutely love being petted and spoken to. What more could you ask for in a pet? Do you have questions about caring for a Bengal? Contact us, your Oshawa, ON animal clinic, today!

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