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Fido’s Doggy Bag: Packing For the Pup

July 1 2022
Are you planning to travel this summer? Our canine pals are always happy to accompany their humans to different places. Fido can actually make a great travel buddy! Of course, you’ll need to pack some things for him. Read on as an Oshawa, ON vet offers some tips on what to bring for your pooch.


Even if you feed your furry buddy a brand of food that you can get pretty much anywhere, it’s best to pack for the trip. Bring along a few days’ extra, just in case. This applies to treats and medicine as well.


Don’t forget dishes! Short on space? Get collapsible plastic ones. These are great for travel!


Some pooches will be fine drinking the water at a new place, but others have very sensitive stomachs. If your canine friend is prone to digestive issues, then you may want to pack a few gallons of the water he usually drinks. Mix it with the ‘new’ water to help him transition. If you and Fido are going camping, use the same precautions for his water as you do with yours. Don’t let him drink from rivers, lakes, or ponds. If you’re using water from the wild, boil it or treat it before giving it to your pup.

First-Aid Kit

Hopefully, this will sit in Fido’s bag unused, but you never know. These are good to have on hand anyway. If nothing else, pick up a first-aid kit made for people, and then start adding some pet-specific items to it. Ask your vet for tips.


You’ll also want to customize your pet’s bag a bit, based on where you’re headed. If you’re going to be spending time near the water, include a doggy lifejacket. Going camping? You may want to bring a little tent for Fido, unless he’ll be sleeping with you.


It’s a good idea to bring an extra leash, as well as a tie-out line. Just don’t leave your furry friend tied out by himself!


Unless you’re allowing Fido to share your bed, you’ll need to bring something for him. Consider getting your pooch an inflatable dog bed.

Waste Baggies

As the saying says, leave only footprints and memories behind. Always pick up after your canine companion! As your Oshawa, ON animal clinic, we’re here to help. Call us anytime!

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