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Choosing Cat Toys

July 15 2022
Did you know that playing is very important for kitties? Pouncing on those little catnip toys are a great way for Fluffy to indulge her inner lioness. Plus, this is good for your pet physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s also cute to watch! Making sure that your feline pal always has toys is very important! While choosing kitty toys isn’t rocket science, there are things to keep in mind. An Oshawa, ON vet offers some advice on choosing Fluffy’s toys in this article.


Kitties are all unique individuals, and they all have specific likes and dislikes. This can manifest in some pretty adorable ways: one furball may have a penchant for bottlecaps, while another may have a hard time resisting crinkley toys. Try some different things, and see what your furball likes best.


Do you have more than one furball? You’ll want to get a variety of toys, so there’s always plenty to go around. Otherwise, Fluffy and Mittens may fight over the catnip mouse!

Modern Options

Classic kitty toys, such as little balls and catnip mice, aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, your feline buddy may also enjoy something newer. There are plenty of options to choose from, such as robotic mice, remote-controlled toys, mechanical ‘swimming’ fish, and automated laser pointers.


Speaking of catnip, it’s good to keep some on hand for refillable toys. Of course, not all of our feline overlords actually like catnip. If your furball seems unimpressed, try getting her some honeysuckle cat toys instead. Kitties that don’t care for catnip often like honeysuckle.

Wand Toys

Wand toys can be lots of fun. Playtime is both more interesting and more of a challenge for Fluffy if she can’t anticipate what her ‘prey’ is going to do next. Put these up when they aren’t being used, though. You don’t want your furry pal getting tangled up when you’re out!

DIY Options

You don’t have to break the bank buying kitty toys. You can make some of your furry buddy’s playthings. For instance, you can hand-sew catnip toys out of almost any material. This may also save you money, as you can buy the catnip in bulk or just grow your own. This can be a fun project for kids. Look online for ideas and step-by-step instructions. As your Oshawa, ON animal clinic, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch care. Contact us anytime!

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