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Winter Puppy Care

January 15 2023
Have you recently adopted a puppy? Congratulations! Adopting a new pet is a big deal! Of course, that may be a bit tricky at this time of year, when snow and cold come into play. A Bowmanville, ON vet discusses winter puppy care in this article. 


Little Fido does have a fur coat on, but that may not be enough to protect him from the cold. If your canine buddy has thin fur, he may need a doggy jacket or sweater. It’s also a good idea to get your puppy used to being brushed and groomed.

Paw Care

Snow, salt, sand, and ice can all do a number on Fido’s feet. We recommend using pet-safe de-icing products on your own property. Get your little buddy used to having his paws handled. You may want to get into the habit of wiping your pup’s paws down before you bring him inside. Check between those furry toes for salt, sand, or ice balls.


Our canine pals enjoy having warm, soft beds to curl up in in winter, and who can blame them? Make sure your little buddy has a cozy bed. If you crate little Fido, you may want to drape blankets over the crate. This will keep it warm, and make it seem cozy. 

Potty Training

Potty training is definitely much more pleasant in summer, but there’s no delaying it. Your little buddy will need to go out every few hours. Be diligent! The sooner little Fido gets the gist of it, the sooner you can scale back some of those extra walks. 

Walking Safety

Speaking of walks, be sure to wear shoes or boots with good tread when taking your furry friend out. Don’t let little Fido get in front of you, especially when crossing driveways or roads. Snow makes this extra dangerous, as drivers may not see your pooch over a bank. It’s also important to stay away from bodies of water, riverbanks, and other potential hazards. 


In summer, going to parks can be a great way for socializing. In winter, you probably don’t want to spend too much time walking around outdoors. Have people stop over to pet and play with your canine companion. Doggy daycare may also be a good option.  Do you have questions or concerns about your pup’s health or care? Contact us, your Bowmanville, ON animal clinic, today! 

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