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Keeping Ticks Off Your Property

July 1 2020

Summer is in full swing. While many of us really enjoy the warmer weather, this time of year does have a few down sides … such as ticks. These disgusting parasites can transmit dangerous diseases, which can infect both pets and people. While it’s of course crucial to keep up with your pet’s parasite prevention, it’s also important to take steps to keep ticks off your property. A local Bowmanville, ON vet offers some tips on how to do this below.


One thing you can do is put a three-foot gravel path around the border of your property. Ticks don’t like being exposed, so they tend to retreat from these types of borders.

Mow The Lawn

Ticks prefer to lurk in long grasses, waiting for their next victim to stroll past. Therefore, keeping your lawn neatly mowed can help fight tick infestations.


Do you have a garden, berry bushes, and/or fruit trees? Pick up any fallen produce right away, and use fencing to keep deer and other critters away. Otherwise, this may attract animals that carry ticks.


Be sure to remove piles of debris, such as leaves or branches. These things make tempting hiding spots for both fleas and ticks!

Trim Hedges

If you have hedges, be sure to trim them so the branches don’t touch your house. Otherwise, you’re just giving ticks easy access!


Birds are both good and bad in this area. Some birds, such as robins, do eat ticks. Therefore, making your yard bird friendly may help. However, you don’t want to put the feeders too close to your home, as some birds also carry ticks. Speaking of birds, it’s worth noting that Guinea hens love to eat ticks. However, they are extremely loud, and may very well drive both you and your neighbors crazy. We wouldn’t recommend them for people with small lots.

Professional Treatment

If you have an infestation, it may be worth looking into professional pest control services, and having your property treated. However, we do recommend opting for eco-friendly products. This is both for the sake of your pet and local (non-tick) wildlife.

Diatomaceous Earth

Sprinkle some food grade diatomaceous earth around doors, windows, and baseboards. This is safe for pets, but will kill harmful insects, including ticks.

Please contact us, your Bowmanville, ON vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. 

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