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Pets and Plants

April 15 2021
Spring is here, and many people are headed outside to do some gardening. This is also a time of year where many folks like to repot their indoor plants, and perhaps adopt a few new ones. Plants can be very beneficial: they help filter the air, and also make your home look nice. However, there are some things to keep in mind here if you have pets. An Oshawa, ON vet offers some advice on this below.

Choosing Safe Plants

The biggest concern when selecting plants is to only choose ones that are safe for pets. Many are toxic to our furry pals. And while some of these may only cause relatively minor issues, such as an upset stomach, others are extremely dangerous. Sago palms, for instance, are very poisonous to dogs, while lilies are highly toxic to cats. The ASPCA has a great guide on this at their website here.


Placement is another thing to think about. Pets are frisky and sometimes a bit clumsy. You don’t want to put a heavy plant in a spot where Fido or Fluffy could knock it over. Your furry pal could seriously hurt! You’d also end up with a shattered pot and a bit of a mess.

Other Concerns

As mentioned above, the ASPCA has a very helpful list of safe and unsafe plants. However, toxicity isn’t the only thing to think about here. Some plants, like roses, aren’t toxic, but have sharp thorns that could hurt your little buddy if they were to try and eat it. You also want to be mindful of what you place at your four-legged friend’s eye level, especially if you have a pup with bulging eyes, such as a pug.


Does your canine buddy tend to use your garden as a sandbox? Use borders to keep your four-legged miner out of the way. Fencing is the obvious go-to, but you can also use things like container gardens, driftwood, shrubbery, or potted plants.

Odor Busters

Did you know that plants can help with litterbox odors? The best way to prevent foul smells is of course to keep the box clean. However, it also won’t hurt to put some plants near Fluffy’s bathroom. Look for ones that are good at filtering air, such as Boston ferns or Spider plants. As your Oshawa, ON veterinary clinic, we’re here to help! Contact us anytime!

Playing With Your Cat   

Fluffy is incredibly charming and very playful, not to mention just adorable to look at.

Disaster Preparation Tips for Pet Owners

Disaster preparedness always takes center stage here in Canada during the first week of May.

Choosing A Pet Frog

Did you know that Save A Frog Day is coming up on April 28? It
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