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Protecting Your Dog from Ticks

May 15 2021
The warm weather is finally returning. Unfortunately, so are the fleas and ticks. Ticks are becoming a pretty serious problem around these parts. These disgusting parasites can carry dangerous diseases, which can make both people and pets quite sick. Read on as a local Oshawa, ON vet lists some things you can do to protect your canine pal from ticks.

Parasite Prevention

First things first. Keep up with your canine companion’s parasite prevention products. There are many different ones to choose from these days. Discuss the options with your vet, to see what will work best for you and Fido. You should never double up on products, as that may expose your pup to unsafe levels of chemicals.

Tick Checks

Ticks generally need to be attached for 24 hours to transmit disease. Taking time to check your pooch over thoroughly every day will go a long way towards keeping him safe. Look under his collar and between his furry little toes. If you do find one of these tiny monsters, be sure to remove it properly. You can use tweezers, but you might find a tick popper a bit easier to use. Make sure to get the whole thing! If you leave any pieces behind, they could cause infections.


There are some things you can do to make your property less appealing to ticks. Keep your pace clear of piles of debris, such as dead leaves, fallen branches or empty plant pots. Another thing you can do is put in a three-foot gravel path. Ticks don’t like being exposed to sunlight, as they prefer to lurk in shady areas and tall grass. They’ll often turn back at these barriers.


Wild animals can carry ticks, so it will also help to take measures to keep them away from your home. Birdfeeders are great, but don’t put them too close to your house. Wild birds can carry ticks. Spilled seeds can attract other tick-bearing critters. If you have a garden or fruit trees, pick up fallen produce right away. Otherwise it could attract animals that have dangerous little hitchhikers.

Tick Treatments

If your place gets really overrun, you may want to look into options for controlling ticks, such as tick tape or spray treatments. Just stick with eco-friendly products. Does your canine pal need parasite control? Contact us, your local Oshawa, ON veterinary clinic, today!

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