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Things To Teach Your Kitten

February 15 2023
Have you recently adopted a baby furball? Congratulations! Your new arrival is definitely going to charm your socks off. It’s probably safe to say that you’ll be snapping lots of adorable pictures over the next year. However, you’ll have to lay down some laws for your feisty little buddy, and teach her the ins and outs of proper petiquette. An Oshawa, ON vet goes over some of the key ones below.

You Live Indoors

Our feline pals are much safer living indoors, where they are safe from things like weather, cars, other cats, wild animals, and parasites. Keep little Fluffy indoors from the start!  

Don’t Bite/Scratch

This is a big one. Little Fluffy has the same predatory instincts that lions and tigers do. In fact, domestic cats share about 95 percent of their DNA with tigers. Your tiny pet is going to want to work on her hunting skills, and she may decide that you make great practice prey. Nip that habit in the bud! Otherwise, your feline pal may end up with behavioral issues. If your kitten attacks, discourage her immediately. Say ‘No’ or ‘Don’t bite’ in a firm tone of voice. You can also clap your hands, squirt her with water, or blow in her face.  

Your Name

We may never understand exactly how much of our language kitties comprehend. However, we are sure that Fluffy knows her name. (She’s also figured out what ‘Get down from there!’ means.)

Proper Nail Care Habits

Cats are hardwired to want to keep their claws and nails sharp. Teach your little buddy good scratching habits now. Provide a good scratching board or post, and reward her with praise, attention, and treats for using it.

House Rules

There are no universal laws for things like deciding whether or not Fluffy is allowed on the counter, or if she can sprawl out on the table. The main thing is to just be consistent. If you don’t want your kitty on your table, address the issue the first time—and every other time—she gets onto it.

You Are Loved

Cats form very strong bonds with their humans. They actually think of us as second parents. Keep that motor going by paying lots of attention to little Fluffy. As your Oshawa, ON animal clinic, we love watching kittens grow from adorable balls of fur into happy, healthy adults. Contact us anytime!  

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