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Celebrating Three-Legged Pets

March 1 2023
March 3rd is a pretty special day: it’s Tripawd Awareness Day. 3/3 is of course the perfect time to celebrate an awareness day for those of our furry friends that should have four paws, but are doing just fine with three. An Oshawa, ON vet discusses these ‘paweseome’ pets below.  Triday Tripawd Awareness Day, or Triday, for short, is a fairly new addition to the pet calendar, but it’s an important one. There are plenty of adorable, three-legged pets out there, just running around and living their best lives. Some of them were born with three paws. Others started out with four paws, but lost one to amputations. These are sometimes the best option for pets with a limb that has been compromised by injury, illness, genetic issues, or even cancer. This may sound terribly daunting, but this is where Fido and Fluffy’s remarkable resilience comes into play.  Adoption Are you considering adopting a three-legged pet? Go for it! There are plenty of adorable three-legged dogs and cats out there that desperately need loving homes. Many tripawds get passed over in favor of other pets, which really isn’t fair. Fido and Fluffy are just as full of love and cuddles as any other animal. Don’t assume that they are much more work, either. Dogs and cats with three legs are in many ways just like any other pet. Your fuzzy pal may not need much—or even any—special veterinary care. In fact, many of these guys are out there living their best lives. Some don’t even seem to remember that they’re missing a leg! That said, it’s important to make an informed decision. Ask all the questions, and consult your veterinarian.  Care Tripawds do have some special care needs, though these are often quite minor. First and foremost, it’s important to keep your furry buddy fit and healthy. Obesity can really wreak havoc with these guys! There are also some things you may just need to do differently. For instance, Fido may do better with several short walks than one or two long ones. Fluffy, meanwhile, may need pet ramps to help her reach her favorite napping spots. Ask your vet for specific advice. You may also find both inspiration and support from other people with tripawd animal companions. Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Oshawa, ON animal clinic, today!  

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